The national Tea Party Patriots organization is holding a rally

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The national Tea Party Patriots organization is

holding a rally:

12-2 pm, June 19th, 

on the West Lawn of the U.S. Capitol. 


Speakers include Michelle Bachmann, Rand Paul, and others. The IRS has profiled and targeted YOU, and trampled all over your 1st, 4th, and 5th Amendment rights! Fight back! Maybe we can turn this into a “Replace the IRS” rally!


Meet up as a group with Larry Nordvig next to the

 General Grant statue (just behind the Lawn in the direction of the Washington Monument)

between 11-11:30.


Richmond Tea Party (RTP) supporters are asked to wear a yellow shirt. RTP yellow T-shirts are for sale on-line, as are RTP ball caps, Gadsden flags, Gadsden pins, etc. Bring signs with “catchy”, simple, easy-to-read slogans on them, or wave a Gadsden flag.


Transportation: RTP is looking into a bus, but it is not guaranteed. For now, plan on carpooling, or you can use Amtrak, VA Railway Express, or drive/DC Metro. Arrive early to find parking. Union Station has a huge parking garage, and there are many others in the area. See you there!

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