October 5 ~ Goochland Tea Party General Meeting

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Please invite several friends and join us for an informative evening!

Date:     Saturday, October 5, 2013


Time:     7pm – 8:30pm


Place:    2955 River Road West, Goochland, VA

For Directions Click Here


Speakers and Topics :

  • Dr. Sebastian Gorka, an internationally recognized authority on issues of national security, terrorism, and democratization.  He is an associate fellow at the Joint Special Operations University (USSOCOM) and an assistant professor at the National Defense University. Dr. Gorka is a founding member of the Council for Emerging National Security Affairs and a member of the Strategic Advisers’ Group of the Atlantic Council of the United States.  He is the Director of FDD’s National Security Fellows Program.

Dr. Gorka’s Message:

While Islamist terrorism warrants much of our attention, it can be argued that the rise of political Islam presents an even greater long-term challenge to America’s national security.  From the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood in the Middle East and the overthrow of several regimes, to the role of Islamist infiltrators and influencers in the United States, political Islam is weakening both international peace and stability globally and the security of the United States.  Dr. Gorka will look at the rise of political Islam, its role abroad and domestically, and explore ways in which Americans can help defend core American principles such as freedom of religion and equality under the law against the theocratic and totalitarian aspirations of political Islam.

  •  Ned Massie, A Grassroots Patriot from Scotchtowne, VA, will discuss his effort to keep the Benghazi Tragedy in the minds of all by distributing bumper stickers of his own design such as:  “Remember the Benghazi 4 – It Matters to Me Hillary”.
  •  Leah Slone, Goochland County Leader of the Victory Campaign for Ken Cuccinelli, will provide an overview of opportunities to assist with this campaign.


The Goochland Tea Party Values:

Constitutional Governance, Limited Government, Fiscal Restraint, Virtue and Accountability, and Free Markets

 Goochland is Tea Party Country!

Rebuilding our Republic from the Grassroots Up!!!

Website: www.GoochlandTeaParty.org


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