Tuesday, March 25, 2014 at 7:00 PM ~ General Meeting

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Please invite several friends and join us for an informative evening!

Date:     Tuesday, March 25, 2014

 Time:     7pm – 8:30pm

 Place:    2955 River Road West,

              Goochland, VA  23063

For Directions Click Here

Speaker and Topics: 

  • Senator Tom Garrett, Virginia State Senator for the 22nd District, will speak regarding the Virginia State Budget and the issue of Medicaid Expansion.


  •  Larry Nordvig, Executive Director of the Richmond Tea Party, will make a presentation on Amnesty.


  • Keith Flannagan, Vice Chairman of Goochland Electoral Board, will present an overview of what is involved in serving as a polling volunteer during Goochland elections.  Opportunities for volunteering in Goochland elections will be discussed.


  • Ken Peterson, Goochland Board of Supervisors for the Fifth District, will speak on the Goochland County Budget.


The Goochland Tea Party Values:

Constitutional Governance, Limited Government, Fiscal Restraint, Virtue and Accountability, and Free Markets

Goochland is Tea Party Country!

Rebuilding our Republic from the Grassroots Up!!!

 Website: www.GoochlandTeaParty.org


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