The Goochland Leadership Enterprise (GLE) is now accepting applications for its 18th Class to start September 18th

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Would you like to learn more about Goochland County?

The Goochland Leadership Enterprise (GLE) is now accepting applications for its 18th Class. GLE classes introduce Goochland residents to their county by providing information on topics such as the county’s history, county departments and services, agriculture, economic development and the budget process.  Participants are introduced to both country and state government officials. GLE hosts 14 sessions, typically every other Thursday, at 7:00 PM from September 18th through mid-March. Sessions are held at different locations in the county to provide further insight into Goochland’s history and environment.  Registration is in progress and continues until September.

For additional information, brochure, and applications call the Goochland Extension Office at 804-556-5841 or go online at  

or Like Us on Facebook (Goochland Leadership Enterprise).


Schedule for GLE’s 18th Class and corresponding Dates:

Class Orientation & Pictorial Tour of County                                 Sep 18
County Administration, Revenue, Treasurer,                                Oct 03
Goochland History                                                                               Oct 16
Sheriff, Clerk of Courts, and Commonwealth’s Attorney             Oct 30
Agriculture and Natural Resources                                                  Nov 13
Education                                                                                              Dec 04
County Development                                                                          Dec 18
Community & Government Services                                               Jan 08
Business and Economic Development                                            Jan 22
Dinner with Board of Supervisors (Tuesday)                                Mar 04
State Legislature (Day at the State Capital)    (Monday)             Feb 16
County Budget / Fire-Rescue                                                            Feb 20
Leadership: Getting Involved!                                                          Feb 26
Graduation Dinner                                                                              Mar 12   


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